Hunter Green Lounging Robe


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Allow 14 days to make

Measurements needed
  1. With your arm  straight down to your side ,measure from the middle bottom of your neck above your collar, over your shoulder and down towards your hand as long as you desire your sleeve to be.
  2. Measure from the back of your neck at the base, down towards your feet however long you desire your robe to be.
  3. Measure around your waist over your belly button.

Note: All measurements in inches.

Add $15.00 if would like a hood on your robe.

Add $15.00 if you would like a zipper instead of a robe tie.

Note: When ordering by credit card, put measurements , blanket pattern and color in the comments section in the billing information area.

Color and Specs

Specification Description
Weight 8 lb. 3 oz.
Fabric 85% Acrylic
Measurements Custom Fitted
Price $249.00

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Color and Specs

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