Dearest Michael & Gennie, my name is Colleen Renken. I bought my first mink blanket roughly about 23 years ago at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, Washington. My husband didn't really want me to spend that kind of money, but I talked him into it after the demonstration of how they generate and hold heat. I was sold immediately but my husband just needed one night to sleep under our new blanket!!! It was instant love for me and instant love for him after the first night. We have since purchased 3 other mink blankets. I am planning on buying some more soon. We had a house sitter watching our house while we were on vacation.> He was a smoker and apparently fell asleep several nights and burned all four of my beloved blankets. I am generally very easy going but after he had left, I discovered the melted spots and holes in our
> blankets, I was so furious I cried!!!! I still use them and love them but I think it's time for some new ones. They have gotten me through two rounds of chemotherapy, and other illnesses including pneumonia, flu as well as various injuries, surgeries and broken bones. My special little pups love them too and curl up with us every night under the very warm and soft blankets. If I could tell anyone anything about the blankets that you sell, I would tell them that these blankets are absolutely the best, warmest, softest and most durable blankets that money can buy. And if I had one wish, it would be that everyone who is cold at night, get one of these blankets. Actually I would wish that everyone could own one of these wonderful blankets!!! I hope to be contacting you sometime this summer so I can get some new ones before winter sets in. Gratefully, Colleen Renken-loyal mink blanket owner and Cuddle Me Warm customer for life... God bless. Now I wanted to ask you if I wanted a slightly larger blanket than the king size, is it possible to get any custom sizes made? My one want is that I can manage to get the quilt if you still have that. I would love to have a catalogue and I was also wondering if you could send me one if those? Thank you...

Colleen Renken

Hi Mike And Gennie!
How excellent! I did take a closer look at the pics and I did see that you are using Solarons! Im going to order one at the end of the month when I get paid - IM SO EXCITED! I have 2 solarons on my couch - the red ones with the leopard print and the flower one in the middle - and you just can pry me away from those blankets - THEYRE THE BEST! I was so glad to see that someone is sewing ROBES out of them - ITS A PORTABLE BLANKET! I will contact you at the end of April with my measurements and the credit card number... Ill just get the adult one for me and get one for my baby maybe next month! Talk soon :)




I received the robe and wanted to say that it looks wonderful!  My husband has been kept nice and warm in it and was so happy to receive it so quick.  I wanted to say thank you again for fixing my mistake for free and not even charging me to ship it back to us.  I will sing nothing but praise to all my friends and family and anyone else I meet about not only your product but the wonderful people who run the company.
Cheryl Boland

This is Cpl Ken Lares my order number is 817 and i would greatly apprieciate it if you could include a card saying "merry christmas mom love kenny". Thanks again and I enjoy dealing with prior service members so Ill be coming back for sure.

Ken Lares


I recieved the robe & hat last evening.  The robe is wonderful.  I was wondering if there were any washing/care instructions for the robe, there wasn't any in the box.  If you could email the instructions I would be grateful, it's such a beautiful robe & I would love to keep it that way.  Thanks again.
Mary Stratton

Just received your blanket, sitting in bed with it now, absolutely stunning,
so much thicker than my old one (about 7 years old) but I cant remember how
thick it was back then.
I am quite confident your blanket is of a much higher quality, I will be
buying again, probably in another few years.

Emily Harper


They were at my door when I got home yesterday.  My kids slept under their new blankets all night!  Thank you!!! Itís a success!!!

We LOVE them!

Robin Stinardo


I purchased one of your throws at the Puyallup fair.  I have the small flag.  It was cold the night my daughter and I went to the concert and we stopped by and bought one of your blankets to help keep us warm.
I can't tell you how many people have commented on the quality of the throw.   I'm glad I found your website.  I will be buying some Christmas stuff for the family members that liked mine so much.
Christina Harrison
Auburn, Washington



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