Hawkins Bible Trading Cards

Founding Fathers Addition

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Great for:  Businesses, Home, Churches, Ministries, Missions And Other Organizations. Another anointed tool for witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Help Recapture Our Country's Christian Heritage by sharing from their own writings.  One Christian Founding father in each set.


Use These Opportunities To Proclaim His Kingdom


   Christian School Prizes    /   Christmas Stocking Stuffers

V.B.S. Give-Aways   /   Valentines Give-Aways

Childrens Missionary Tools   /   Easter Basket Stuffers

Neighborhood Out-Reach   /   Birthday Party Gifts

Bus- Ministries Give-Aways   /   Halloween Bag Stuffers

Church Visitor Give-Aways   /   All Seasons Gift

  Bible Verse Memorization Tools   /    Sunday School Rewards




Offer # 1

Give-Away Package

 Box of 12

            Complete Sets                   

              36 Packs, Includes 3 different color coded sets of 8 cards

                                     12 of each color set per box

Only $36.00

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Offer # 2 Gift Pack

One Complete Set Of All 36 Cards

Only $4.99

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