Cuddlemewarm Fitted Bed Sheets

Never have you slept as comfortable as you will on your CuddleMeWarm Custom Fitted Bed Sheet


Special Note: People who suffer from joint pain will benefit greatly from sleeping on top of a Cuddlemewarm fitted sheet!!!!  There's no warming up time like a sheet, your body temp in seconds no matter where you move on this sheet.  The warmer the joints the less pain and better sleep.



Color and Specs

20 Year Warranty

Choose any blanket pattern for your Fitted Bed Sheet

Measure the length, width and height of the top mattress and include it with the information below

Note: When ordering online put the  Blanket pattern and color in the credit card information comments section

Specification Description
Weight 24 lb. 3 oz.
Fabric 87% Acrylic 13% Polyester
Measurements any size
Price $249.00

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