Cuddlemewarm Cumba Racing Chair



Five Foot Wide/ Three 1/2 Foot High

Select any available color and add any racing number and we will build your Cumba Racing Chair!

All  Racing Cumba's are completely wash and dryable

Now these are comfortable foam filled chairs !!!!!

Each Racing Cumba has a built in video controller pouch on one side and a remote control caddie on the other.

In the comments section of the credit card billing information area,

enter your choice of blanket color for the middle band of the bag.

The top will be checkerboard as will the two pockets

Add your choice of a racing number and it's color.

That's all we need to create your Custom Made Cumba Racing Chair

Get ready to have the softest, plushest foam filled chair ever made!!!!!!

Click here to compare a  Cuddlemewarm Cumba and a Traditional Bean Bag

Color and Specs

20 Year Warranty on all Covers

Cumba's 5 foot wide

Specification Description
Weight 15 lb. 
Fabric 85% Acrylic
Measurements King 5'
Price $599.00

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Note: Price includes Foam filler and shipping and handling

anywhere in the continental United States.

Allow 10-14 business days for delivery