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Personalized Baby Blanket



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Noah's Animals

Colors: Pink, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Beige

Duck & Bears

Colors: Pink, Light Blue, Light green ,Beige


Cycling Giraffe

Colors: Light Green, Light Blue, Pink, Beige


Triple Teddy's

Colors: Beige, Light Green, Light Blue, Pink

Prince's Castle

Color's:  Blue, Burgundy, Pink, Light Green

Mr. Moon

Color's: Pink, Blue, Green, Beige

I Love You

Color's: Light Blue, Light Green, Pink

Honey Bunny

                        Color's Pink, Beige


Unicorn Teddy

              Color's: Light Blue, Pink, Beige

Junior Size Mink Blankets


American Flag




Machine Washable and Dryable

Captures your own body heat in seconds

This quality not in Department stores

Personalized Baby Blankets Available

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put the requested name and color of thread 


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