Thanks for taking the time to view what I think is a win-win situation for both your new  Stove buyers and Hot Tub buyers.  This is a new and groundbreaking marketing idea for those who wish to have every customer become a willing walking billboard for their Stove Shop for the next 20 to 30 years. 

Hereís how it works, present every new  stove or hot tub customer with a Cuddlemewarm throw blanket as a gift.  At the bottom of each blanket is your shop name and phone for all to see. Quadra Fire is also offering 50% cooperative advertising dollars on each throw blanket. That means they will pay half the cost of your 20 Year Walking Billboard!

These Cuddlemewarm blankets are not sold in stores, nothing comes close to the quality and durability of these blankets.  Cuddlemewarm blankets are machine wash and dryable and will last 20 to 30 years. This is going to cause the people who come in touch with them to ask the question over and over again 20-30 years, where did you get this blanket?????

Places these blankets are taken every day:  Cars, parks, beaches, couches, ball games and everywhere else your customer takes them with your store name and number on them, thus becoming a walking bill board for your store.  Remember these blankets last 20 to 30 years and your name will be going wherever the Cuddlemewarm blanket goes.

Your cost is $49.00 per blanket and Iím sure when given in appreciation for buying a Quadra Fire stove, your customer will give your name a good work out over the next 20 to 30 years. Bang for the buck itís worth $49.00 for the name recognition it will bring alone. Remember Quadra Fire will pay 50% for cooperative advertising.

Many Businesses in town give welcome baskets of flowers and gifts from $25.00 to as high as $60 depending on the sell.  Only one problem with this, once the flowers die and the coffees consumed itís a one time shot for advertising and then their gone.  Another great plus for you is that because your name and telephone number are on the blanket itís a 100% right off as advertising instead of the usual 50% gifting.

Let us help you create thousands of walking billboards that will last for the next 20 to 30 years saying I got it from your (Your Store Name) when we bought our new  Stove.

Minimum order of patches is 50, which will cost $250.00 up front to get the blankets started and we will hold them and make the blankets, as you need them.  The $5.00 per patch will be deducted from your $49 cost leaving your cost now per blanket at $44.00   I can work with your design people to create the style and colors for your Logo Patch. Iíll create a proof at no charge for your viewing, and when your happy with it, it will take 30 days to make your 50 patches, so letís get going. Throw blankets come in assorted colors.  Note: You can expedite your patches to 8 working days for $135.00.

Option 2: You can have the same information embroidered on a satin tag on the inside of the blanket 2X2 next to our tag. 200 Satin tags for $250.00.  Your name and telephone will be there for your customer to refer to without having a patch on the front.  We will provide a proof for your viewing at no charge.

Let me know how many youíd like a month and I can give you a delivery timetable for your Cuddlemewarm Walking Bill boards.

Because of the 30 day wait for your patches to be created, I suggest you purchase enough patches for this selling season based on at least what you sold last year. This way you won't run out of patches for your throws, and your customers will become the 20 year Walking Billboard for your shop without a hitch.

To see what a sample Logo looks like go to

Option Three:  If you have a way to display these beautiful throws you can purchase these at $44.00 each without logos and retail them at $79.00 like we do.  Some of our dealers have customers come back to the shop to see if they can get another one because of the quality, remember that arenít available in any store.  This way you can meet the needs of your customers when they request another one and make $35.00 when they do.

The perfect gift for a new hot tub customer is a beautiful His and Hers , custom fit Polar Bear Robe with a 20 year warranty.

Your label will be installed on the inside of each robe to ensure your customer gladly tells their friends who gave them their beautiful robes.  Separate yourself today from your competition  by giving away these beautiful gifts from Cuddlemewarm.



Michael R. Hawkins

Cuddlemewarm , Owner,

(509) 242-8977(Store)