NEW: Drum Hardware Protector


Protect your chrome plated hardware

No more chips

No more scraping together

No more metal to metal

Keep them looking new

20 Year warranty

Machine Wash and Dryable

Velcro Closed Flaps

Ultra Plush Acrylic/Polyester 3/4" Thick


                                   Drummer's  Hardware Protector        Drummer's Hardware Protector

                                               Large                                                        Small

                                                         Large Hardware Protector                                  Small hardware Protector

                                              Store Four Cymbal Stands or                             Store Floor Tom Legs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Snare stand   / Drum stand                                  Small Tom Post                        

                                             Small pocket Holds Keys  & Felts                        Small pocket Holds Keys  & Felts 

                                             Industrial Velcro Closes Protector                       Industrial Velcro Closes Protector

                                             30" X 34"  Bag Size                                             12" X 23" Bag Size



          Large Hardware Protector Closed                                               Small Hardware Protector Closed


                     Both bags roll up for easy and safe storage


                                                            Large Hardware Protector Bag     retail  $142.00


                                          Small Hardware Protector Bag   retail $59.00

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